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"Answer the Call, Unleash Your Potential”


Welcome to King's School of Ministry (KSM), the theology and ministry school of King's Cathedral & Chapels. We hope that as you navigate through this page, you will find the information you need to help you make a decision to further your education and experience in the context of vibrant church ministry. 

What is KSM?

Be a Disciple. Make a Disciple.

King's School of Ministry is designed to be a catalyst for men and women who desire to enter into a life of ministry. Ministry is incredibly multifaceted, and therefore, effective ministerial training must be so as well. KSM meets this demand through simultaneously focusing on theological study, leadership development, practical experience, and spiritual enrichment. KSM combines academic courses with hands on ministerial internships, and personal mentorship to create the most holistic experience possible. Not only does KSM commit to providing a comprehensive ministerial foundation but it fulfills the education requirement for licensing under KCI: King's Commission International.

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