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Breakout Sessions

Nurture Your You-nique Design

It’s time to branch out past the barriers of comparison, and embrace your unique giftings and talents by collaborating with others. Learn to recognize complimentary giftings in others while cultivating your own distinctive qualities. Unlock creative solutions, and tap into your internal design while you grow confidence to arise as an influencer in whatever field or ministry you are a part of.

Growing Beyond Limitation

Have you ever felt stuck in your personal and professional growth? In this breakout session you will learn how to identify common growth barriers, confront toxic mindsets, and break past opposition to reach your full potential. True growth comes when you accept and embrace the pruning process. You will gain practical skills to thrive in your leadership and your business as well as receive vital tools and fresh strategies to impact the marketplace.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

How do you bloom in the midst of a desert or what feels like a wasteland? We’ll uncover timeless truths of women who went before us to help us know how to navigate our today and our season. God is always at work but each “blossom’s” journey will look very different from the next. Lean in with me and let’s learn how to grow and thrive together according to God’s Word.

Tending Your Child's Heart

As a mom, the seeds you plant and the soil you tend in your child’s heart can change their life forever. Learn to intentionally develop the crucial keys to tending your child’s heart and mind while tending your own soul. Discover tips and tools that will help you cultivate their relationship with God and others as they grow from a small seedling to a mighty oak. You will leave this breakout session knowing that every seed of faith you deposited will not return void but reap a lasting harvest

Cultivate Healthy Relationships
4 & 5 ROOM

Commitment, intentionality and effort are essential for healthy growth in any relationship. Whether you’ve been married for decades, or you’re navigating a new relationship, careful and constant cultivation of your heart will improve the health and longevity of any relationship. Learn how to set healthy boundaries, uproot destructive behaviors, and sow seeds of love and forgiveness that will result in lasting fruit.

The Secret Garden

Ladies, this is your divine invitation to commune with our Heavenly Father. Learn to cultivate the garden of your heart through the power of prayer, His word, and worship. Fall deeper in love with Jesus, the lover of your soul, as you walk in true intimacy in the secret place.

Thriving vs Striving

Have you ever found yourself striving, and struggling just to get by in life? Have you felt pressure to please everyone around you at the expense of taking care of yourself? Learn to find peace through your stresses and your messes. This breakout session is perfect for the woman who desires to be firmly planted and deeply rooted. You will learn to thrive in every circumstance, bear fruit in every season, and gracefully say "no" because you've tapped into a deeper "yes.”

Defending Your Garden: Pull Up The Weeds

Rejection is a weed that strangles your garden’s growth and threatens your harvest. Learn how to dig up the weeds by quickly identifying where they hide in your garden, what you’re doing to water and feed them, and how to uproot them so you can reap the greatest bounty.

Embrace The Autumn Season (40+)

As the seasons of womanhood change, it’s easy to feel dried up, withered, and insignificant. The “M” word (menopause) has a profound effect on marriage, family, culture and ourselves. Every woman faces different symptoms: manifesting as hot flashes, personal failures, feelings of despair, depression or even accusations of unfaithfulness. How do we navigate this season? Harness your hard-fought lessons and embrace aging with grace as you impart insight to the next generation.

Fruit That Remains

This year’s Embrace Legacy recipient, Pastor Linda Kamau, will share her experience in walking alongside the Gardner all these years. Learn what it means to be firmly planted by streams of water, deeply rooted, with leaves that do not wither, and how to yield fruit in every season.

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