Our Leaders

King’s is a Christian organization, founded in 1980 by Dr. James and Pastor Colleen Marocco. Their children, Jamie, Janelle, and Joshua, along with their families, are all pastoring and leading churches and ministries within the King’s family. 

Our Church

King’s can be found in over 280 campuses across the State of Hawaii, the Continental US, & International countries. We are noted for our multiple church services, early morning prayer meetings, community outreach, praise & worship, theatrical productions, generational ministries, and life groups.


The DNA of our church is based on the principles and values of discipleship, prayer, and generosity. 

our mission & Core Values

Our mission is to Experience life with people, power, purpose. This statement encompasses our core values, which demonstrate the type of church we strive to be.

Our core values are to be a church that:

  • Is personal, empowering, and encouraging towards PEOPLE.

  • Demonstrates POWER through prayer, worship, and being Spirit-filled.

  • Fulfills God's PURPOSE through serving, impacting, and multiplying.

our desire

Our desire is for every person to encounter the love of God, to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.